Premium Protection Designed to Last

Aegis is a premier brand that offers automotive protection products based on proprietary technology formulated in the USA.These cutting-edge products are forged from the finest quality, designed after extensive research and fabricated to defend your vehicle.
Instead of investing in expensive marketing deals, we firmly believe in delivering these exceptional products to you, at an inclusive price, so that you can experience the wonders of refined automotive products


Aegis paint protection films are made from the finest sheets of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that help in maintaining the showroom sheen and offer high-end resistance. These robust layers effectively shield your car against environmental debris, scratches, rock chips and other abrasives that may damage your car.

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Aegis has also introduced the Windshield Defender, a product that effectively shields your car’s windshield against stone chips and bars harmful UV rays from destructing your windshield. This transparent defender aids in producing a clearer view even in the wet rainy season.

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Aegis products guard your vehicles against the myriad of extremely damaging elements in the atmosphere and surroundings. , leaving your car with a showroom finish for a longer time. In a nutshell, choosing the Aegis chain of products caters to all the best-in-class protection to your automobile so that you can “Drive with a Peace of Mind.”