Warranty Information

Limited Product Warranty

Aegis Motorcare LLC warrants Aegis Paint Protection Films to be free of manufacturer defects. Covered defects include discoloration, cracking, blistering, delaminating, excessive colour change/ yellowing, and staining, due solely due to a defect in manufacturing. 

This warranty does not extend to normal wear & tear, road debris impact, accidents, collisions, watermarks, scratches, intentional damage of any kind, or failure to follow proper after care instructions. This warranty does not cover installation errors, workmanship errors, non-compliance with Company’s guide or instructions, and improper storage and handling of product(s). The warranty only extends to non-commercial automotive vehicles, and is non-transferrable.

The initial application or reapplication/repair work must be done by an Aegis Authorized applicator for the warranty to stand. Find a local Aegis PPF Installer at http://aegis-ppf.com/find-an-authorized-installer/

During the entire Warranty Period, the Company can, at its option, remove or replace the Product without any charge if the product fails to perform as warranted solely due to a manufacturing defect within the Warranty Period. 

Any purchaser desiring to assert a warranty claim should contact their original installer first hand. In case you are unable to contact your original installer, contact us at info@aegis-ppf.com within 30 days of the incident. 

Proof of purchase, along with the provided warranty card are required for warranty service.

After Care Guidelines

  1. Do not wash the vehicle within 7 days of installation.
  2. Avoid use of high-pressure water source near the edges of the product to avoid peeling.
  3. Automatic car washes are not recommended as they may cause deep scratches to the applied product.
  4. Avoid using solvent based cleaners, rubbing compounds, bug removers, or any such products which contain ingredients like naphtha or kerosene. 
  5. Use clean media to clean your car regularly and remove stains as soon as possible. Do not clean film under direct sunlight or high temperatures. 

Warranty Coverage

Aegis Ultra Plus – 10 Years Limited Warranty

Aegis SPX – 7 Years Limited Warranty

Aegis Windshield Defender – 1 Year Limited Warranty